The library acts as a central link for providing access to relevant and appropriate resources to support the whole-school curriculum, facilitate recreational reading and information literacy, and provide focus for the development of study and information-managing skills. The library encourages the use of technology and helps users explore the world within and beyond the library walls! The aim is to support, enhance and expand resource-based instruction by providing an enriched environment to all the members of the school and to empower them to become globally minded citizens and effective users of ideas, information and technology.

This policy advocates the Librarian and teachers to form effective partnerships to be supported by administrators. In order to guarantee the quality of resources, the library budget needs to be consistent and adequate. The technology equipment needs to be up-to-date and in adequate numbers. The library/multimedia/resources should and can play a central role in the school’s curriculum thus giving all students and staff access to information on global issues and diverse perspectives. The coordinators, curriculum leaders and librarians have a shared responsibility to make sure that collaborative planning and reflection is taken place regularly and systematically.

British International School Abu Dhabi (BISAD) has two libraries, the Primary Library and the Secondary Library. These sections include the following types of resources:

  • Fiction and Non-fiction books on a comprehensive array of subjects for students and staff
  • Newspapers and Periodicals
  • CDs and DVDs

This includes a balanced collection of resources that engage interest and challenge students of all backgrounds and levels of ability. The focus is on selecting resources using rich, authentic and stimulating language by authors from a variety of cultures and backgrounds in order to foster the international and multicultural awareness to which our school is committed. Books in different languages are included to support the languages taught and the mother tongue of students.

Library open hours:

Library opens at 7:45 am – 4:15 pm Sunday – Wednesday & 7:45- 4:00 during Thursday

Students are able to access the library and borrow books in the scheduled library time and during morning break and lunch break. Students are encouraged to visit the library to check out books, do research, and use the library resources for information and recreational purposes.


  1. Students will use the Library to support their studies. The use of the Library should be fully integrated into the educational program. This integration strengthens the teaching and learning process so that students can develop the vital skills necessary to locate, analyse, evaluate, interpret and communicate information and ideas
  2. Students will be given the opportunity and encouragement to select books for reading for recreation and information.
  3. Departments will be invited to place orders with the Library to support curricular needs.
  4. The Library will support a growing collection and reference section.
  5. Library staff will work alongside teaching staff to ensure effective implementation.
  6. All school resources will be centrally located on the Library database to make access of information more effective in the school.
  7. We will ensure that our students’ cultures are reflected positively in our collection.
  8. We will select resources that develop the topics and themes in our curriculum, and will use the English National Curriculum and IB Diploma documents in our choice of materials.
  9. We will acquire appropriate audio-visual, online information resources and digital resources in the library.
  10. We will stock materials that are in accordance with UAE’s educational policies, thus abiding by its cultural sensitivity.
  11. We are committed to entice students to become life-long readers and book lovers.

Comfort of taking home our library resources

Each Patron type has the following borrowing allowance:

  • Foundation stage – One book/week maximum; at a time
  • Grades 1 to 6 – Two books/week maximum; at a time
  • Grades 7 to 11 – Four books/week maximum; at a time
  • Grades12 and 13 – Five books/week maximum; at a time
  • FS and Primary students can access the Library according to the schedule once a week.
  • Secondary and IB students can access the Library with the Form Tutor. During lunchtime and breaks students using library need to be quiet, coming in to read.
  • Teachers will be allowed to check out upto 20 books for class room resources, reading programme and subject instruction support, for a longer time to a maximum period of 30 days, and can issue upto 5 books maximum in their name at a time for professional development/recreational reading.
  • All staff and parents are allowed to use the school Library. All admin and support staff members can borrow up to a maximum of 5 books at a time, across both libraries taken altogether.
  • Teachers and all staff can use both primary and secondary libraries. However the maximum privilege number shall remain the same across both libraries taken altogether.

Different resources with different borrowing time allowances:

  • Books –14 days maximum.
  • CDs & DVDs – 3 days, and they could be checked out only by faculty.
  • Periodicals and magazines back issues, for a week. Current/latest issue of magazines will not be borrowed.
  • Books marked “only reference” will not be borrowed.
  • Renewal of the same book will not be done by the same patron more than twice, ie 3 fortnights. In other words no books can be kept by the same patron no more than a term.
  • Also renewal is not possible when there is a demand booking for a particular resource.
  • Borrowers who fail to bring back books after their privilege time will not be allowed to borrow further until books returned.
  • Class room resources need be checked out through school library system, and can be kept by a patron for as long as 10 months. Each patron has to make sure that they check-in these classroom resources from the library system before returning the same to the relevant department.

General guidelines and Policies for Library access:

     Better library environment:

  • ‘Read and let read’ is our basic library philosophy. All students using the school library are expected to maintain the decorum of school library at all times. Complete discipline and ethical behavior will be maintained in the library.
  • We will handle resources with care and respect.
  • Electronic gadgets and mobile phones are acceptable to be used in the Library provided it does not disturb other users.
  • Every user should leave their bags in the property counter inside the library. Please take out only the relevant notebooks/writing pads, laptops etc to be used in the library. No food or drink should be consumed in the Library.
  • The use of tablet devices and laptops are allowed but users must refrain from downloading games and visiting social media websites. Specific games teachers use for instructional purposes only will be enabled in the school library media suite.
  • Library tickets (non-transferable) will be filed in the library, class-wise for students. To borrow items from our Library you must present the Library ID issued to you each time. Staff patrons can keep their library tickets with them or may opt to keep this card filed in the library.
  • Students or staff members who have overdue resources are not permitted to borrow until they have cleared their accounts. Lost resources need to be replaced with the same or a latest edition of the same copy or paid for.
  • Books should not be sub-lent. If by any chance such a case reported, that the book was sub-lent and lost, only the member who checked the book out from library will be held responsible.
  • Reluctance to pay library overdue fines or replacement of lost books – will be called for corrective action.
  • All patrons including faculty and staff need to return all books issued to them by the end of every academic year.
  • Before leaving school, every patron need to get a no dues clearance,
  • Student patrons are expected to listen and follow directions from all library staff at all times.

Policy regarding damaged and lost library books:

  • Any book lost need to be reported to the Librarian at the earliest. If a library book is accidentally damaged or lost, same will have to be replaced by the user.
  • Replacement copies must be new books and must be the same edition as the lost item, or newer. Used copies are not acceptable replacements. If users are not able to replace the library book damaged or lost by them, they will be pay 45 AED for fiction and for reference and non-fiction books this will be as per market value of the book. Patrons have to pay the amount to the finance department and collect a receipt and produce this receipt at the library counter.
  • Users with damaged/lost book may not check out additional books until they replace the book or until the fees are paid.
  • They may also be charged for highlighting, underlining or writing upon in library books, or for placing post-it notes or other adhesive markers in books.

Dated: 01 Sept 2015



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