Arabic literature: ebooks & web resources

Arabic literature: ebooks & web resources

Bibliothique Syrian Stories

Reservoir of stories in Arabic

Syrian Story

This is a great website with a many free stories and poetry for all ages.

Al Hakawati
Brilliant websites with many stories, old and new from the Arab World

Arabic Short Story / Jubayr Milayhan. It regularly presents contributions and gives a record of readers and also comments on the short story. Contributions come especially from Egypt, Syria and Iraq as well as Saudi Arabia

Cornell Library
An excellent and a very comprehensive website which contains both modern and classic literature from Jahiliyah to modern days.

Spacetoon  Excellent website for Children

Stories, pictures and audio songs for children.

Al Arabi Mag
Excellent website for children with many stories and other resources

Arabic Poems
All types of Arabic poetry

Modern Arabic poetry

Listen and read the Classical Arabic Poetry such as: mu`allaqa Imru`l- Qays and more. Suitable for Advanced Arabic


An encyclopedia of Arabic Poetry from different countries
News: Arabic news

Arab Newspapers

BBC Arabic


Al-Jazeera Arabic




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